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Karen and Neil

Private Label University

Suzi Hixon

The Private Label Lawyer
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
We know you are going to want to be a part of this...
The Step By Step Process Of How To Start and Launch A Private Label Business On Amazon.
Join us as we implement the step by step process of starting a Private Label business and launching it on the largest selling platform in the world, Amazon.  
We are taking the Private Label University's, Import Success Formula, that  has helped many Amazon seller launch successful businesses and implementing the system live with our co-host, Suzi Hixon,The Private Label Lawyer  
Top Experts In The Industry Are Coming Together To Show You How The Pieces All Fit Together.
How many time have you tried to find training online for FREE only to make you more confused?
The thing is, the info you are getting online for free are just bits and pieces of a puzzle.  What happens is you get the info and you are back to where you started...  Unsure what pieces go where.
We have pulled in our resources, tools and partners who are going to show you exactly what it looks like to start a business in the Private Label Product Industry. 
And we are going to launch a business from scratch.
Total Transparency.  An Over The Shoulder Look Of How To Implement The Process.
So here is the best part.  You going to watch right over our shoulders and learn how to start a business legally, find products to Private Label properly and legally, find reliable suppliers, facilitate importing and all the custom confusion, learn how to package products correctly so you create opportunities beyond Amazon and launch a business on Amazon. 
All at the same time protecting your brand. And yes we are going to walk through how we launch the product on Amazon and get it in front of thousands of people.

The best part... 
we are doing this live, in person.  
AND all the profits we make, we are going to donate to charity. 
Meet Our Special Guests...

CJ Rosenbaum

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Dory Lanenter


License Customs Broker


Power Tools for Amazon Sellers



David Chandler

Rockstar, Private Label Amazon Seller.

Erick Rodriguez

Virtuous Graphics

Mark Faggiano


Meghla Bhardwaj

Global Sources

PLU sourcing agents.

Philip Jepsen

Manage By Stats


Copywriting Professor- Amazon Listing Optimization


Shipping and Customs



Mariana Pacheco

Design Etiquette
Vince Reed
Internet traffic

Join us as we launch a Private Label Business from Scratch.  
Be a part of the decision-making, help us with product selection, launch, and picking a charity.  
Proceeds will go to a charity.
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